Essay writing has become an integral part of every academic calendar. Across the world, high schools and universities add essay writing to their curriculums. The goal is to make sure that every student knows how to write a paper. One of the most common essays that students may be required to write is the texting and driving essay. At least 330,00 car crashes are related to texting and driving. So, it's not a surprise that this is a hot topic in the essay writing world. If you have to write texting and driving essay, keep reading to see some of the best topics for such an essay.

Top 10 Topics for Texting And Driving Essay

  1. Cause and Effect of Texting While Driving
  2. In this essay, you can start with the introduction of the topic. After the introduction, mention three key points that show a relationship between car crashes and texting while driving. Your primary goal is to find a link.

  3. An Introduction to Texting and Driving
  4. This should be a professional expository essay that tells the audience what they need to know about texting and driving. As the writer, you do not necessarily need to talk about the cause and effect relationship. All you have to do is report accurate information about the topic. Every reader should have a clear understanding of the subject after reading it.

  5. Is Texting While Driving Going to Lead to Physical Distractions?
  6. This can be a persuasive essay. Your goal should be to convince the readers that texting while driving can either lead to physical distractions or not. You can list examples of cases where accidents were caused because the driver was distracted. In another case, if applicable, you can give examples of how people drive and text but never get distracted because they all know how to multi-tax.

  7. Should Texting and Driving be Legal?
  8. Almost every traffic law insists that texting while driving should be publishable by law. You can talk about this in your essay and give details about why that is a good call.

  9. Should Texting and Driving be Illegal?
  10. If you stay in a place where texting and driving is more deviance than a crime, you can write an essay about making texting and driving illegal.

  11. How to Text and Drive Without Getting Distracted
  12. You can approach the topic from a different angle. Most texting and driving essays are about how texting while driving is wrong; instead of writing about this, you can see how it can be done efficiently.

  13. The History of Texting and Driving
  14. In this case, you need to approach the topic from a historical perspective. Trace the history of texting and driving and talk about how it has become more prominent in the digital era with so many free or cheap messaging apps available online.

  15. An Argumentative Essay on Texting and Driving
  16. Just like any other argumentative essay, this should raise awareness about the outcomes of texting and driving. Talk about how it affects performance while driving and cite examples.

  17. Texting and Driving Vs. Drunk Driving: Which is More Dangerous?
  18. This is a compare and contrast essay about two dangerous acts; texting and driving and drunk driving.

  19. Texting and Driving: a Menace or a Necessary Evil?
  20. Most people only see the disadvantages of texting while driving. In your essay, you can take an unpopular stance on the issue. List the disadvantages of texting and driving along with the advantages. Talk about special situations where texting and driving may be excused.

      Coming up with essay topics is one thing, but writing an essay on your chosen topic is usually more difficult. To be on the safe side, consider paying for cheap writing help from a professional writer. They can teach you how to write texting and driving essay.