Helpful Tips for an Essay on Gun Control

Because gun control is such a heated topic today, many teachers eventually assign this as a means to practice writing. But though it is discussed much in the news, not all students actively follow the debate.

The Essence of Gun Control

Generally, the debate revolves around whether or not civilians should have easy access to guns. Those for gun control want more regulation over the manufacture of, access to, and transfer of guns to civilians. The hope is those mass shootings, armed robberies, and accidental shootings at home and school will be reduced.

However, those who defend the right to own a gun say it is part of their civil rights to protect themselves and their families. They cite the countless criminal organizations and even psychopaths who have access to weapons that terrorize those who cannot defend themselves. Hunting and other gun-related sports will also be affected if stricter gun control regulations will be imposed.

Making the Essay

  1. Read about the two sides

To have a great essay, you need to understand both sides. So even if you initially favor one over the other, you should read first.

As you read, takes notes for each position. List down the key ideas as well as the location within the source so you can easily locate what you need when you start writing.

  1. Select a side

Once you have read enough (ideally two or three sources per side), you should now make an educated choice as to what you’d like to support. Then choose the three top ideas that support your answer. But to ensure a solid essay, include as well the top two or three reasons why opponents are against what you believe in.

  1. The Introduction

The Intro of your essay should clearly state the side you have chosen with a brief reason why. But before that, you have to capture your reader’s attention to get them interested to read. This may be done by inserting a key statistic, a related story, a powerful quote, or even a critical question to get your reader to start thinking about guns.

  1. Defending your position

There are many ways to create the Body. But one of the easier ways to defend your position is to begin with your opponent. The first Body paragraph lists the main reasons for why the other side (pro or anti-gun control) insists that they are correct. Listing the top two or three should suffice. Ensure you cite the sources in your paragraph to give credence to what you are saying.

The next Body paragraph then discusses your position. It is best to have three here. As you discuss what you believe in, mention how each reason refutes the ideas of the opponent. This will show your reader that you understand both positions, but that your side is the stronger one.

  1. The Conclusion

The Conclusion must highlight the key points of your defense so that it is clear that your position is the correct one. It should be impactful so that even critics will pause and rethink their decision.


As a highly possible topic in your class, it is good to be able to create a gun control essay. Review again the tips above so that you won’t have a difficult time making your paper.