What it takes to get decent essay writing examples free of charge

Essay writing is not necessarily an easy thing. It gets even tougher if one is finding it hard to get reputable examples to use as a reference. We explore some tips to use to assist you get going finding the best essay samples.

  • Define your topic
  • Before everything else have your topic area defined. It’s not necessary to have an exact topic rather a general definition that acts as a compass. A topic area helps you focus and channel your energy to relevant areas. It’s so easy to get side-tracked otherwise

  • Broaden your search terms
  • When your search results are returning few or no relevant example, it could be a sign of a search field that’s too narrow. Search using broad terms and use the ensuing results to direct your criteria of narrowing your field. This especially applies at the start of your search when you have no information beforehand.

  • Use your library resource base
  • This should be a key stop over. Your library will probably have a repository of past exemplary student works. It will also have most relevant textbooks suited to your study area. Your library will also point you to other useful resources to broaden your search.

  • Ask your teacher
  • Your teacher is a key resource. You should cultivate a good working relationship that helps you get the most of your learning. It’s prudent to approach your teacher with what you’ve already done since they need to see the effort already invested.

  • Develop your sources
  • Since this is not a one-time-only activity and you will find yourself looking for examples whenever a need arises, it’s important to bookmark any sites you find useful. Keep a list of books you’ve found useful. This would also apply to videos and other audiovisual material on the web. With each successful essay, your sources should not only increase but slowly get refined to cut out ‘clutter’.

  • Authors’ other works
  • As well as developing your sources every time you get a good example, it’s a good practice to note down the author and look for other works from them. Also useful is to follow the references they use in their works which might yield additional samples.