5 Extremely Good Ideas For Essay Writers

Essay writing can be a daunting task if you feel that you are not confident in your literary capabilities. Unfortunately, when you are a student there is no getting out of writing essays, it is required in order for you to pass and go on to the next academic level. Here are five good ideas to assist you when writing.

  1. Don’t set mental boundaries
  2. Outside of getting crude, writing an essay is an area that enables you to express yourself creatively. Contrary to popular belief there is no right or wrong answer when it comes to writing essays. As long as you can back up everything you say with a viable argument, you can pretty much write what you like. When you are given a topic, spend some time thinking about the subject and write down your thoughts.

  3. Make a plan
  4. A plan makes it much easier for you to write effectively. It will allow you to structure your thoughts constructively and give you a definite direction in which you can go. Your plan is a skeleton of your argument and it should include the following:

    • In one sentence, write your argument.
    • Make a note of three to four key points that you intend on using to support your argument. Each point should be no more than a sentence long.
    • Underneath each argument write one or two examples found in your research that support your argument. (Make sure you reference them)
    • Write down your main point. This is the conclusion, what you want to leave the reader thinking about.
  5. Read other essays
  6. Just as books subconsciously help to shape your writing style, so can reading other essays help to improve your writing style. Try to read a broad range of essays including academics and your classmates. Read essays on various subjects and not just the ones you are studying. The more you read the more techniques you will adopt for writing your own assignment.

  7. Enhance your vocabulary
  8. There is nothing worse than reading material whether it is a book, newspaper or magazine where the writer doesn’t know how to articulate themselves effectively. Broaden your vocabulary by reading different books and learning new words. Using a dictionary and thesaurus while you are writing your paper will assist you in this endeavour.

  9. Elevator pitch your essay
  10. The elevator pitch is an effective sales technique that is used to condense an argument for selling a product. It involves putting the argument into the shortest summary possible. The salesperson is asked to imagine themselves in an elevator and by the time they have reached the top floor, they should have come up with an argument powerful enough that leads the buyer to purchase or at least think about purchasing the product. This is a difficult exercise because it forces you to be relentlessly concise in your choice of words and your thinking. You can use the summary that you come up with during the elevator pitch to write your introduction as it will assist you in achieving optimal clarity in what you are trying to say.

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