Have you been asked to write an essay about what you would do if you had a million dollars? This paper is a descriptive essay, and it should be built on your thoughts, perception, and experiences in life. Of course, how you go about writing this essay must also be influenced by the class your assignment originates. For a literature class, you may get by with an approach that is whimsical or a little dramatic. However, for a class in economics, a different method with more facts and figures might be necessary. Below is a sample essay on what to do with a million dollars.

What would you do with A Million Dollars? Sample Paper

If I had a million dollars, I would quit my job and take a vacation to a serene island so I can release all my mental and physical stress that I have accumulated over my years of routinely hard work. Once I am away from the stress, I would plan what to do with my million dollars, giving proper account for every single dollar. I would apportion it into three parts: 30% will go into savings, 50% into investments, and the remaining 20% will go into meeting specific needs and helping others. That means I will be putting $300,000 into savings, $500,000 in investment, and the remaining $200,000 for charity and meeting my immediate needs.

Growing up, I always dreamt of becoming an entrepreneur or business mogul, and if I had a million dollars, I would undoubtedly love to realize that ambition. I would start with a safe investment, though, as my experiences in life have shown me, every career or industry requires a learning period. With the $500,000, I will delve into the real estate business and buy a house in a beautiful residential area. I will rent it out as passive income for about 2,500 dollars a month, and once the price of the property goes up, I will sell it off. At this rate, I will be able to earn 30,000 dollars in a year passively. In three years, that will be about 90,000 dollars.

With the remaining $200,000, I will donate 30,000 dollars to charities because I love to make a positive impact in the lives of people around me. I would invest 120,000 dollars in setting up a small bar and restaurant business, which I hope will bring me daily revenue. I will personally manage this business, and at closing hours, I will retire into a flat atop the restaurant. The remaining $50,000 will be used to purchase a car and cover all other miscellaneous expenses, including the vacation trip mentioned above. Now, this is how I would spend a million dollars if I had it.

Should I Write My Paper or Pay A Professional?

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