Top Historical Events To Inspire Your History Essay Topic Ideas

History classes and essays can be very challenging and confusing. You can easily become confused with the different events that happened across a series of centuries not forgetting that you have to keep track of a long list of people’s names and actual dates. 

When preparing to tackle your history essay paper, you will first have to find a debatable topic for an interesting event. That is if you are aiming at keeping your readers engaged in your content and findings. We suggest that you should find an interesting twist and use them sparingly for aha moments in your paper.

But how can one break free from this huge jungle of events, dates, locations, and names? 

Below we have compiled a comprehensive list of some outstanding historical happenings to help inspire your essay topic idea generation process. Better yet, these points have been designed ready for use. Feel free to pick and use the ones that match your interests.

The list of interest:

  1. A general industrial revolution essay topic is an all-time classic and would work wonders for your paper. You can choose to be descriptive about the local events or go analytical on the topic.
  2. You can choose to feature the Martin Luther King story but with a twist. By this, I mean that you can address cases of social injustices that are happening in society today. For a more current approach, you can decide to cover the idea coined around the power of peaceful protest and their impacts in the modern world.
  3. Still, on a more similar approach, you could choose to write your essay around recent and past events on civil rights movements in the world. You can narrow down to specifics such as its impacts on the justice system today and its general evolution.
  4. Perhaps you could write about a key person who has been instrumental in the world. This could be a former political leader, an inventor, or a famous scientist.
  5. You can also choose to revolve around the messy happenings of the 21st century and cover topics such as the rise of terrorism, the adoption of controversial foreign policies, and the support of world dictators.
  6. Your paper can choose to focus on the world’s greatest empires, their rise, and subsequent fall. You could focus on their great power to conquer large territories such as the Holy Roman Empire. For an interesting twist, you can choose to talk about modern-day colonialism and slavery.
  7. To keep your readers engaged throughout your paper, purpose to follow a human-centered approach and talk about interesting facts that shaped history throughout the 20th century with events of the World War I and the subsequent notable Wars of the world.
  8. As the saying goes, old is gold. Abide by this and focus on events that happened along time ago. Readers always find these kinds of stories to be fascinating. For instance, you could decide to delve on providing details of ancient battles such as the Battle of Hastings.